About Giclees

Giclee on canvas with a canvas floater frame

It's pretty much a fancy word for a very nice print! 

Giclees printed on paper look absolutely amazing. They are vibrant and beautiful, a wonderful way to display artwork in your home.
The default setting for paper is Premium Archival Matte, which is the paper type I highly recommend. Within the frame shop you will see four different types of paper to choose from under the PAPER tab; Premium Archival Matte, Premium Glossy Photo, Premium Luster Photo, and Premium Semimatte Photo. The last three options would be better for photography reproductions, but for oil painting giclees the Premium Archival Matte is best.
Printing your giclee on canvas makes your giclee look more like an original oil painting, just at a much lower cost. This does not end up being much more than printing on paper with a frame and matte. The materials cost includes stretching the canvas on a stretcher.
Canvas styles come in Matte and Glossy Finish. I think both would look very nice, but I would lean towards the Matte Finish if you're not sure.  There are three mounting options to choose from; Museum Wrap, Gallery Wrap or None. There are special Canvas Floater frames that go with the canvas prints that would look very nice.
The Definition : Giclee (zhee-klay) - The French word "giclée" is a feminine noun that means a spray or a spurt of liquid. The word may have been derived from the French verb "gicler" meaning "to squirt".

The Term : The term  "giclee print" connotes an elevation in printmaking technology. Images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas, fine art, and photo-base paper. The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction.

The Quality: The quality of the giclee print rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes and is commonly found in museums, art galleries, and photographic galleries.

Museum Wrap Less expensive, but requires framing; stretching included
Gallery Wrap Slightly more expensive, Offers three types: Mirrored, White, or Black border. Can be left unframed or framed, stretching included
None Not stretched on a stretcher; only for someone who plans on doing this themself