Creating a work of art is one of the most gratifying experiences on this earth. The piece of work would not have existed if it were not for the artist, and after its creation, it becomes a representation of that individual's life. My work is a reflection of my life through all its joys and hardships. Painting is a way I express who I am, through visual imagery, texture and color, my personal soul is depicted on canvas.
Scientists are accused of "playing God", but I believe artists play God as well. We create smaller versions of this unique world around us. I see through human eyes what God created by his amazing artistic hand.  The colors I put down on canvas are only a reflection of the color that truly exists. My inclination to choose certain colors plays an important role in the emotional and philosophical meaning of the paintings. I try to be aware of what God may be trying to show me through interactions or observances that generally go unnoticed; there is so much meaning in everything. I strive to notice the unnoticed and bring it to life through artistic means.